Meet Paul

I have prided myself on holding office hours nearly every week during my first term in office.  The pandemic has prevented me from meeting you around town for something to drink or eat.  I look forward to the day when such meet-ups can become easy and without concern for our safety or the safety of others.

Until the pandemic is a memory, my availability will be by appointment only.  If you reach out to me and want to get together I'm sure we can find a time and place that works.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me.


Now more than ever, there is so much to do.  But I am confident that with your support, and the support of the residents of Medford, we can accomplish it all!

I respectfully ask for your vote on September 14th, and November 2nd.

I can be reached at (781) 343-1630, via email at for election matters, or for official School Committee matters.

  Paul Ruseau