• Paul Ruseau

It is hard to learn when you are hungry

Beginning in the fall of 2019 Medford Public Schools will offer universal free breakfast at all of our schools.

This is being accomplished utilizing the federal government's Community Eligibility Provision. This program is somewhat complicated to explain - but the bottom line is that the first year is when we keep track of participation and for the following three or four years we can continue to utilize those participation rates without collecting any paperwork from families. Every child eats breakfast for free - no money is collected.

I was one of those children that was hungry every single day. I still remember in high school when my school started offering breakfast - it was amazing to be able to eat in the morning. I'm proud that all students in Medford will be able to eat before they are expected to learn each day - being fed allows them to bring their best selves to bear on the important job of learning!

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